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Loyalty vs Bonussystem

Instead of creating „just“ a reward program we decided to come up with a loyalty program that focuses on developing a great relation between you and your customers. We think that putting great emphasis on this relationship has a lot more benefits than simply offering rewards.
Our loyalty service allows your customers to earn points and gradually reach higher loyalty levels. In each loyalty level your customers will be offered different benefits. As our partner you get to choose which benefits you would like to offer. This feature makes our service suitable for almost any business as it can easily be adapted to your personal business model.

Our Starter Package

To get you started with our loyalty service we came up with a starter package which includes everything you need to get started right away.
Included in the package:

  • mobile phone plus cradle
  • 50x myLoyalty customer cards
  • 100x myLoyalty flyers
  • 1x myLoyalty sticker (148 x 148 mm)
  • your personal account data for your myLoyalty admin area
Starter Kit

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Which features does my Loyalty offer?

Customer Insights

Our extensive statistics allow your to get insights on your customers and their activities allowing you to optimize your business better than before.

myLoyalty community

Our companion site allows to you reach out to potential customers which already know our loyalty service from other partners.

Multichannel Support

By providing your customers with a QR code based loyalty card they will be able to collect points in stores just as easily as they do online.

Refer a Friend

Our built in ambassador functionality allows your customers to collect points by referring friends through all available social channels.

Custom Activities

You decide for which activities on your site or in your store your customers can collect points. With this and other features our service may be used equally well in an online shop or a restaurant/bar for example.

API Support

The loyalty service API with its extensive documentation allows you to integrate the loyalty service into your site in any way you like.

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