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Rewards for your loyalty

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What is my Loyalty about?

Collect points

myLoyalty is a new concept that allows you to earn many benefits, simply by being active on your favorite websites.
The concept is very easy: Every time you are active on one of our partner websites you will earn points. Activities include purchasing a product or a service, writing a customer review or leaving a comment. You can even earn points simply by visiting one of our partner websites or signing up for a newsletter. It doesn't stop there, if you rather visit the local stores of our partners you will also earn points for that.

Reward you

As soon as you’ve earned a certain amount of points on one of the websites you will reach the next loyalty level which means that you can expect even more benefits.
The more often you are being active on a website the more benefits you will be able to enjoy. However you will already enjoy several benefits when you first join myLoyality.

How does my Loyalty work?

Sign up & Login

To enjoy all the benefits myLoyalty has to offer you can sign up here.
After your registration you will be able to log on to all of our partner websites using your username and password.
You can then start earning points by visiting your favorite websites or buying a product or service.

Your Account

To manage all of your collected points you can simply go to myLoyalty.com where you will find an overview of your activities and points on all of the websites. You will also be able to edit your profile and change your password there.

What are the benefits I can expect?

myLoyalty offers so many benefits! You will find different offers on all of our partner websites and stores as all of them are free to define their own benefits. That means you will be able to enjoy several kinds of benefits on different websites.

Please find examples of different benefits you could expect from our partners below.

From 0 Points

This is where you start and you will already be able to enjoy several benefits.

  • Free shipping with every $30 purchase
  • 30 days money-back-guarantee

From 2000 points

After collecting 2000 points you will reach the silver loyalty level where you can expect even more benefits!

  • All of the previous benefits
  • 5% discount

From 10000 points

You will reach the golden level as soon as you’ve earned 10.000 points. You can now enjoy some new extra benefits.

  • All of the previous benefits
  • Get a free gift with every purchase

From 30000 points

Earn 30.000 points and you will reach the top loyalty level and thereby you will enjoy the most rewards and benefits.

  • All of the previous benefits
  • Buy 3, get 1 free!
  • Free shipping