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Your Benefits

We developed myLoyalty to support small and mid-sized companies with an easy concept that helps them to build a better relationship with their customers.
Besides creating such a novel relation with your customers you will also be able to gain new customers which is important for any online shop.

These are only some benefits that you can expect from using our loyalty program.

The Concept

The core of our loyalty program is the concept of different loyalty levels in which a customer can expect different benefits: GREEN, SILVER, GOLD and DIAMOND. Customers can collect points through several activities in your online shop. As soon as they’ve earned a certain amount of points, they will reach a new loyalty level and enjoy even more benefits.
Of course you have full control over which benefits you would like to offer. You can either choose from our example benefits or come up with completely new ones.

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Why should I use my loyalty in my online shop?

Perfect for any kind of online shop

First of all you will soon realize that more customers will visit your website on a regular basis as our loyalty program offers a completely new incentive for them: Even by simply visiting your website they will already earn valuable points.
As one of our partners you will also enjoy the benefits of being part of the myLoyalty community, which means that you will be listed on myLoyalty as one of our partners. This will give your online shop even more visibility.

Our loyalty program will also help strengthening your customer loyalty. Especially for your online shop such a relation is important as it helps to differentiate your shop from the market in a very unique way.

Understand your customers

myLoyalty allows you to understand your customers even more than you already do:

You will be able to easily identify your most loyal customers as they will be in the GOLD or DIAMOND level. This helps you recognizing any purchase behavior patterns and creating a better sales approach. Having such a relation with your customers also means that they will keep coming back to your products – And a satisfied customer will certainly also happily share his experiences with others and thereby help you to win new customers.

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How does my loyalty work for my online shop?

my Loyalty Banner

Right after you’ve integrated our loyalty service into your online shop, the myLoyalty banner will appear on your website. The banner allows your customers to always keep an eye on their current loyalty level. It will also show the benefits which they can currently enjoy and how many points they will need to reach the next level.

This banner is the base of our concept.

Customers can collect points

Customers who are not yet registered at myLoyalty can start to collect points in the anonymous mode. However to make sure that their points will be saved and also to be able to collect points on several devices, they have the option to register at myLoyalty.
After they’ve done that, all of their previously collected points will be transferred to their personal account.
A registered customer, who is logged on to your website, will then automatically earn points for his personal customer account whenever he conducts any kind of activity.
Registered customers can log on to all of our partners websites and collect points there. However, we make sure that the points will only be credited for the website where the activity was actually conducted which means a could be in a different loyalty level on each website.

Technology independent integration

Our concept is very easy and therefore suitable for any kind of online shop – it doesn’t matter what technology or products you are using. To make sure the integration into your website is as easy as possible we created step-by-step instructions for the most common platforms such as Shopware or Magento.
You can integrate myLoyalty by using a little code snippet that you can insert into several parts of your website: First of all you should position the myLoyalty banner so that it’s clearly visible to your customers.

Earning points by placing an order

As a second step you can integrate another code snippet into the order confirmation part of your website. This is necessary in order for your customers to collect points whenever they buy one of your products or services. You, as well as the customer, will then receive a note to verify the purchase. Your customer will not earn any points before you’ve confirmed the transaction. This will guarantee that a customer won’t earn any points for any cancelled purchase.

Reward newsletter-subscriptions

As an optional step you can then decide to place a third snippet into the HTML of your newsletter confirmation site. This integration is reasonable if you would like to reward your customers for signing up for your newsletter. A big advantage with this step is that you will soon find a larger number of subscribers, which is such an important marketing tool – especially for online shops.

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How to use my Loyalty offline?

Personal Loyalty Card

myLoyalty is not only suitable for any kind of online shop. It’s also perfect for your retail stores. Using our loyalty program in your store is just as easy as using it online:

Every registered customer receives his personal loyalty card, which allows him to earn points when shopping offline. Each card has it’s own QR-Code and can simply be shown on the customers smartphone either by using the passport app or opening it through our website.
You, as the shop owner, can then scan the QR-code on the loyalty card of your customer with your own smartphone to see the current loyalty level of the customer. In case he purchased something, you can also credit him the points by scanning his loyalty card.

Order or print out the Loyalty Cards

In order to make myLoyalty even easier to use we also offer the possibility for not registered customers to participate in our loyalty program.
For that, all you need to do is to hand out printed loyalty cards to any, not yet registered customer in your shop. Such a card allows a customer to earn points without any registration needed – it’s absolutely anonymous. All the points will then be credited directly on to that card.
Of course it’s also possible for interested customers to register at myLoyalty later on. A registration has the advantage that a customer doesn’t have to worry about losing his card and any of his points.
After linking the card with a personal account at myLoyalty, all the previously collected points will then be transferred to that account.
Now the customer can earn points, online as well as offline, with just one personal account. They can even use different devices or link several loyalty cards to one account.

If you would like to use loyalty cards in your retail store you can order them directly from us or print them out yourself (You can create the PDF in your admin interface at Micromerce).

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How can I become a partner?

Loyalty vs Bonussystem

Instead of creating „just“ a reward program we decided to come up with a loyalty program that focuses on developing a great relation between you and your customers. We think that putting great emphasis on this relationship has a lot more benefits than simply offering rewards.
Our loyalty service allows your customers to earn points and gradually reach higher loyalty levels. In each loyalty level your customers will be offered different benefits. As our partner you get to choose which benefits you would like to offer. This feature makes our service suitable for almost any business as it can easily be adapted to your personal business model.

Our Starter Package

To get you started with our loyalty service we came up with a starter package which includes everything you need to get started right away.
Included in the package:

  • mobile phone plus cradle
  • 50x myLoyalty customer cards
  • 100x myLoyalty flyers
  • 1x myLoyalty sticker (148 x 148 mm)
  • your personal account data for your myLoyalty admin area
Starter Kit

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After the test period you get to decide whether you want to return the package or continue using myLoyalty for €39,95 a month.

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